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Invertebrate Monitoring Data Sheets

Safety and Risk Assessment Docs.

Registration Form




Invertebrate Monitoring Data Sheets


There are two different data sheets which can be downloaded from this page. The one marked "landscape" is for 5 sampling sites

Set the printer to "landscape" in "Print Preview" to enable the correct orientation for this option to print properly.

The other data sheet is for a single site, it prints in standard "Portrait" mode.

These are Word documents so they can be saved in "My Documents", you're able to add text to them as with any other Word document .

Click on the links below to access the document.


Single site data sheet


Landscape multiple site data sheet



Safety and Risk Assessment


We take the safety of our volunteers very seriously and are well aware of the issues which any work in and around rivers raise.

Our volunteers are covered by insurances provided by the Teifi Rivers Trust through the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, BTCV.

To ensure that our volunteers are aware of the need to be safe when collecting invertebrate samples members of TRIM are trained in assessing the sites which they visit for potential dangers.

The links below are aimed at three documents which our volunteers must study prior to embarking on work with TRIM -

A Health and Safety Reminder

A Quick Guide to Site Risks and Risk Assessment

Monitoring Site Risk Assessment

Once the above documents have been studied and a risk assessment of the sampling sites completed we ask members of TRIM to fill in the registration form below-

Registration Form


Bear in mind that your site will present different hazards through the year. For example, during the deep freeze of December 2008 many of the members very sensibly decided that the icy conditions posed to great a hazard for work by the river to be safely undertaken and delayed their collections until conditions improved. Please follow that example and avoid putting yourself in harms way.




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