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Invertebrate Images from the Teifi Rivers

March 09 sample from the Afon Cych and Afon Dulas plus a few from the lower Teifi.

Those images that are worth it can be enlarged by clicking on them.



Mayfly Nymph



Close up of a mayfly nymph



A caddis case - amazingly intricate, check the larger image


An aquatic beetle from the Cych


About twenty of these turned up in the net at the ford in Abercych. Thanks to Nicola Broadbridge from the EA for identifying this one - over to you Nicola - "The beetle is a small Dytiscid family diving beetle (the same family as the great diving beetle, just one of it's smaller cousins!). They tend to like vegetated river margins."






A different yet equally intricate caddis




Another photo unworthy of enlarging, this one's a caseless caddis - interesting for the view of its gill filaments. This was from the Afon Dulas.





The Afon Dulas


An early sedge from the Afon Cych at Cwmcych


Some samples from the Teifi late March'09


Here are three March Brown nymphs from the Teifi at Allt Y Bwla. I find them easy to mistake for olives at first glance - they're much less squat than the usual heptogenidae.

March Brown nymphs from the Teifi at Allt Y Bwla


This nymph is close to emerging as a sub imago - note the wing buds


This picture of the two species side by side in a sampling tray shows the similarity between the March Brown nymph and an olive nymph. At first glance the MB nymph (right of screen.......) shares some of the characteristics of the olive as it has a streamlined look with a long narrow thorax and abdomen. .


Olive nymph, Teifi

Olive from the Teifi

Stonefly nymph