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Mayfly in the classroom

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Mayfly in the classroom



A clever, easily replicated project that enables kids to see the metamorphosis of river flies from pupa to adult in their schools.Info. kindly supplied by Paul Gaskell from the Wild Tout Trust. Mayfly in the Classroom

The Wild Trout Trust have also produced a teaching package to accompany this experiment here



TheTweed Foundation have given TRIM permission to supply this link to their helpful invertebrate guide produced by the Tweed Trout and Grayling Initiatiative - well worth reading.Click the PDF logo above to open the link. Thanks to Kenny Galt.


Graham Rutt, Ecological Appraisal Specialist from the Environment Agency Wales,has supplied this list of the rare river flies which have probably been eliminated from the upper Teifi by sheep dip pollution in the mid 1990s. It's interesting to consider the suggestion that they could be reintroduced after the meanders of the Teifi through the bog have been restablished. Rare Freshwater Invertebrates in Tregaron Bog


Google Maps

If you create a Google account you can create and share your own maps using their "My Maps" function - it's an excellent tool for outlining / sharing projects. To add on a grid reference location facility to Google maps this link takes you to the "nearby" web site for the fix.



The above poem - "Fu You"- the Chinese for mayfly - is from the web site "Mayflies of China" looking at the science and cultural context of Chinese ephemeroptera.

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