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News 2009  

News 2010


Congratulations to the group for their summer sample.

100% of our 32 sites were sampled, the results are now online along with results from the other groups in in South West Wales



New to Grafham Water, heading your way soon???

An unwelcome addition to British waters.

Pic from Treknature

Please look out for the amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus - aka the killer shrimp - in your samples. Unfortunately this fecund and voracious predator has recently arrived in England, posing a threat to native fish and invertebrates. Bio security at Grafham water is frankly a joke and the shrimp could easily be spread by anglers or water sports enthusiasts . It poses a very real threat to our aquatic ecology so take the time to check these links to get an idea of what may happen should this latest invasive species get a good hold in Wales.

Riverfly Partnership briefing note on the KS


ENVIRONMENT AGENCY - with info. on where to send samples/pictures

ANGLIAN WATER - too little too late. If there was ever an example of the need to monitor aquatic invertebrates this is the one.



The winter sampling report for all of the West Wales invertebrate monitoring programmes are now available online. Once again many thanks to Nicola Broadbridge, our ever helpful Environment Agency Wales biologist


Jewel encased caddis larva - inexplicably lost in the ether somehow but now back by popular demand


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Blue Winged Olive identification LINK

A well attended meeting at Alma House supported by the Environment Agency showed members of TRIM how to identify the BWO nymphs in their samples. Samples brought by EA biologists Nicola and Ian were studied under microscopes and a series of pictures were studied which are now available for reference on this site. Many thanks to Nicola Broadbridge and Ian Nesbitt for their help.


Autumn 2009 report for collections in West Wales now available


A survey for identifying sites that support populations of the March Brown is underway - check the link to see how you can help


The autumn 2009 report for invertebrate collections from the rivers of West Wales is now available.

From the view of the lower Teifi the improvement in Afon Cych is very welcome news, let's hope this continues.

Click on the icon to read the report and ,once again, many thanks to Nicola Broadbridge for compiling the report-

Previous reports appear on the Data page


Meurig Davies and Emyr Jones from Llanybydder Angling Association sampling the Nant Cledlyn early in the year.



A refresher day to bring us all up to speed on distinguishing Blue Winged Olives from the other olives is being held at Alma House, Abercych on February 13th . The day will start at 11am with an introduction to the subject of the Blue Winged olive then a kick  sample and back to the house for lunch and hot drinks ( provided free of charge). Following lunch we'll take a detailed look at some specimens through microscopes and after that there'll be an opportunity to chat about your experiences of the project, suggestions for improvements, criticism etc. .

With luck our funding will have come through by then and members will be able to collect their waders on the day.




Snow has hampered our collecting this year - here's the Afon Cych

at the ford in Abercych on a chilly collection day -