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Gallery 2009


Here are some pictures taken by members of TRIM through 2009 -


The Afon Talog. Picture - Eric Davies


A large mayfly nymph from the Afon Cerdn. Picture - Dewi F. Roberts.



Orange heptagenid from the Afon Talog. Picture - Eric Davies


some lSStoneflies from the Afon Tywely. Picture - Eric Davies s

Ieuan Thomas sampling on the Afon Tyweli. Picture - Eric Davies

A sample from the Tywely- note the large cased caddises - second down on the left. Picture - Eric Davies

Steffan Jones on the Afon Gran. Picture - Eric Davies

A stonefly nymph, Afon Talog, Dec. '08. Picture Steffan Jones

Gwil Jones, Clettwr Fawr, June '09